Western Digital Green SSD 120GB

Western Digital Green SSD 120/240 GB Latest Review 2021

WD is a house hold name, and at whatever point you find both of those letters you will think and consider hard drives. They have been around for darn years, you’d can’t help thinking about why they haven’t began producing SSDs. That is until SanDisk went under WDC’s flag and the rest became history. Ladies and gentlemen, we currently have a legitimate Western Digital Green SSD as the WD Green SSD 120/240GB.

Presently this SSD as expressed, accompanies a 240GB limit on a 2.5 Inch structure factor under a 7mm z-tallness. The WD Green SSD arrives in a 2 assortments of models and structure factors. There’s a 240GB adaptation, just as a 120GB variation for both the 2.5″ and M.2 structure factor. The specialized determination shows that this maximums out the read at 540 MB/s with a compose speed evaluated at 465 MB/s. This SSD has a MSRP of 4, 500 PHP with a current appraised nearby cost of 3, 900 PHP.


There isn’t a lot of with regards to the bundling of the WD Green SSD. I mean please, it’s actually similar to your commonplace spending plan situated SSD, essentially bundling wise.Accessories are fundamental. All things considered, fundamentally nothing by any means. You wouldn’t get a SATAIII link, nor a spacer here so it’s somewhat frustrating.


The WD Green isn’t the flashiest SSD out there, with a plastic cover from front and back. This is acceptable in case you’re searching for a light 2.5″ drive to go with your note pad.

Under the WD Green SSD lies its accreditations, and serials for documentation. There are likewise four screw openings situated on this space should you wish to mount the SSD on any case supporting such mounting holes.There’s essentially nothing else to talk about here. We aren’t permitted to eliminate the cover so there’s that.


Our capacity gadget audits rotates around the utilization of different stockpiling benchmark devices and genuine benchmarks. Our arrangement tops off the test drive to basically half of its ability. This is done as such to invalidate the FOB (Fresh Out the Box) execution of the drive – guaranteeing that we are trying the drive as indicated by its certifiable utilization. All tests ought to be finished with the drive connected to the local ports found on our motherboard guaranteeing that the framework is on its ideal stockpiling testing state.

The WD Green SSD accompanies around 240 Billion Bytes of usable limit, generally meaning 223 GB of accessible space to play with.


The ATTO Disk Benchmark is an industry standard stockpiling benchmark instrument intended to quantify the greatest hypothetical speed of a drive. It is generally the driving metric where capacity organizations base their drive’s predefined execution.

Gem Disk Mark is a capacity benchmarking programming generally utilized through the business. It highlights four manufactured tests for both peruse and compose.


Our genuine exhibition test is kindness of 24 GB uncompressed records comprising of pictures, PSDs, and different document designs inside a solitary organizer. Going with it is another record duplicate test comprising of 12 GB packed documents. The last one will be a combination of both, pushing the drive as far as possible. The documents are duplicated inside the drive, and execution is estimated by TeraCopy.


The WD SSD Dashboard is a downloadable apparatus for your WD SSD to check its status, execution, and different additional items. You need this product to empower the TRIM help from the SSD. Typically, this ought to be empowered on the off chance that you introduced the drive as the essential boot drive of your framework.


The WD Green SSD is one of the organization’s initial take into the strong state market, with a decent value highlight start with. In any case, will its presentation empower WD to get it together inside the market? Short answer is… a yes. Presently at engineered benchmarks, the WD Green SSD highlights a limit of 558 MB/s read, joined with a 471 MB/s compose execution (ATTO). At Crystal Disk Mark, it figures out how to beat our Biostar G300 SSD by and large, and all things considered, execution is really in-accordance with proposition from different sellers.

Presently genuine world is the place where it’s anything but a tad, with a lower execution rating at our duplicate benchmark. On our certifiable 32GB blended test petitions for instance, the drive came in last at a 775 seconds which is 5% more slow than the G300. It’s anything but a gigantic contrast, however we can see that its cushion can’t hold information on par with different drives. Access times midpoints around 0.055ms, which is comparable to most SSDs these days.

MSRP is set a smidgen higher 4, 500 PHP yet you can get this drive at 3, 900 PHP which is comparable to the WD Blue 250GB external the Philippines. All things considered, it is valued appropriately inside the country, with a couple and more seasoned 240GB SSDs arranged beneath its genuine market cost. This makes the WD Green SSD a decent proposition, particularly with an alternative to get the M.2 variation at precisely the same cost. That, along with the positive standing of WD, should make this SSD a commendable buy.

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