MOVOCash Prepaid Visa Card Review: Is A Scam or Legit?

MOVOCash Prepaid Visa Card Review: Is A Scam or Legit?


MOVOCash Virtual Prepaid Visa Card is a notable name in the realm of virtual prepaid cards. Also, in the present article, we will review the MOVO Virtual Prepaid Visa Card. Here we will attempt to feature every one of the merits and demerits of MOVO Cash and is it a scam or legit. And furthermore is Movocash a scam or legit. So how about we start immediately to know it all.


What is MOVOCash digital Prepaid card?


MOVO card is a virtual prepaid visa card, offered by MOVO cash. Utilizing this computerized prepaid card you can buy online without giving your original credit or debit card number. Simply reload your card and use it. You don’t have to put any security or any close to home assurance and furthermore needn’t bother with a credit check to sing up.


Advantage of MOVOCash Virtual Prepaid Visa Card


MOVO digital visa prepaid card accompanies some respectable highlights like no month to month expenses, no inert charges, Bitcoin Transfer choice, and more. As a virtual prepaid card client, you may like it.


1. No Monthly Fees

A large portion of the prepaid card suppliers charge a specific sum each month. However, Movo doesn’t charge any month to month expenses. I would like to think, it’s an enormous benefit. Furthermore, activation charge likewise free.


2. No secret Charge

Another most awesome aspect of the MOVO virtual prepaid visa card is it doesn’t charge for bill pay, ATM balance queries, actual card substitution. But there has a little charge for worldwide exchanges and an Inactivity expense following 90 days without an exchange.


3. Move Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s prevalence all throughout the planet is developing step by step. Furthermore, MOVO Cash acknowledges Bitcoin. So you can make direct Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transfer. That implies you can convert cryptocurrencies to cash and load or send MOVO Debit cards to anybody. You will charge 2%+$2 of the exchange.


4. Simple Reload

You may like MOVOCash reload alternatives. You can reload your virtual visa debit card by means of direct deposit, bank transfer, Green Dot, VisaReady Link, Tax Refund, Paypal. Furthermore, you can likewise move from another MOVO Cash account. Funds from another bank also acceptable but third-party fees may apply.


5. Person To Person Free Transfer

Pretty much every virtual prepaid card charges a basic charge for transaction however Movo cash to MovoCash there has no charge.You can send money to friends and family via email or cell phone.


6. Actual Card

Other than MOVOCash virtual prepaid visa card you can get an actual prepaid visa card. Just send an email to [email protected] with a subject like, Please send me a card. They will send your card within 10 to 15 business days.


7. 24/7 support

If you need any support you can ask for help at any time you want. The MOVO Cash offers 24/7 support with direct line and email. MOVOcash customer service number: 866-533-6686 and Support email: [email protected]


Disadvantages of MOVOCash Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

In this world nothing is great. Just as the great sides, there are some irritating sides that I don’t care for.


1. Restricted ATM Withdraw

It will also disappoint you. You can withdraw up to $500 in a day from your MOVOCash digital visa prepaid card. And only $250 per day from international ATMs. But we hope the authority will take of it as soon as possible.


2. No store sing up

If you wanna take advantage of the MOVOCash card, you have to always use their mobile Application. I mean, the only way to sign up for a MOVO prepaid visa card is Movo App.


3. No EMV Chip

Nowadays almost all prepaid card provides have these features but Movo doesn’t provide this extra security. But the company claims the features P2P2P payments and it’s more secure and offers Omni-redemption capabilities in real-time. And these features also lag-free. And it is guaranteed to keep your information secure.


Is MovoCash virtual Prepaid visa card a scam or legit?


The answer MOVO virtual prepaid visa card is 100% legit, Movo cash is not a Scam. The MOVO digital prepaid visa card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. MOVO Cash is a great alternative to regular banking. You can spend or make a purchase from your account where Visa is acceptable.

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