Kit Lender Review – Is Kit Lender Legit Or Scam?


Kit Lender provides rental service for snowbird cloth, outdoor gear, apparel, and accessories in the USA. You can rent almost everything you need for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. In case you are planning to go on a trip or enjoy an adventure moment, but you don’t have the proper attire or equipment. Then you can check out Kit Lender. Apart from that, the rental service also has some disadvantages.


In this article, I will review Kit Lender. Here, I will explain all the pros and cons of Kit Lender, how does it work, whether it really exists, and how to go about renting.


Pros of Kit Lender


Generally, a lender is someone who lends money for business or personal use. However, Kit Lender is an online lender that lends cloth, outdoor gear, apparel, and accessories. We found some advantages to the rental service compared to other lenders. Here are some pros:


1. Save Your Money


Spending a lot of money on something you will only use once is a waste of money. In general, snowboard gear, outdoor kits, and tour and camp accessories are expensive. Kit Lender allows you to rent or borrow these apparel and gears and return them. You will be charged a simple fee for this. It’s fine.


2. Complimentary Shipping


Most of the time, you must pay a fee when you take out a loan online or shop online. One of the best aspects of the outdoor equipment and apparel lender is that shipping is free. In addition, if you rent any equipment, apparel, or gear from them, you will receive free delivery.


3. Cost-free Return And Exchange


Free delivery with free return and exchange is like the wifi material service. You can use this feature if you meet the return and exchange policy.


4. Size


Generally, we don’t wear or need the same size dress or gear. In terms of user engagement, they’ve done a great job. Different sized products are available for all levels of users.


5. Well-known Brands


Different people prefer different brands. Here, the rental service company did a great job. They have the world’s most prestigious outdoor gear and apparel. Outdoor Research, PackTowl, Seal Line, Patagonia, SKEA, Spyder, Turtlefur, and many other popular brand products are available here for rent.


6. Great Customer Support


For online shops or rental services, customer service is one of the most important factors. Kit Lender did a great job. Customer service is available via chat, email, and phone. I like it.


Cons of Kit Lender


There is no doubt Kit Lender is a good online rental service. However, they also have cons. Based on our review, we found some downsides that they should address.


1. Minimal Payment Options


Currently, most online shops accept multiple payment gateways. However, the rental service company only accepts credit cards. If you are not a credit card holder, then it will be a little difficult for you. In addition, the outdoor gear and apparel lender does not offer cash on delivery.


2. Selected Collections


They sell products from a variety of popular brands. There are certain brands, but not that many. There are, however, almost all kinds of equipment and gear available here.


How Does Kit Lender Work?


A rental service typically rents out equipment, cars, or houses. Kit Lender, however, is a little different. Clothing appeals and tour equipment are available.

The first step is to visit their official website and select your favorite apparel and equipment. Click on checkout after adding to cart. You will need an account if you don’t have one. Put your personal information where you want to receive it. Make a payment at the end. One day before the date you choose, the rental service will deliver the goods to you.


Can I Purchase Here?


Yes, Kit Lender allows customers to shop. You can also purchase outdoor and tour equipment, apparel, along with rental and lending services. You can also purchase a GIF card from the rental service to purchase your favorite equipment. From 5 dollars to 2000 dollars, gift cards are available. You can either gift your favorite one or purchase it for yourself.


Is Kit Lender Legit?


It is 100% legit. Their headquarters are in Texas, United States. Here you can find a wide variety of outdoor apparel and gear. Here you can borrow or shop.


Kit Lender Alternative


Arrive Outdoors, REI, OutDoor Geeks, Last Minute Gear, and Xscape Pod are some of the best alternatives to Kit Lender.


Final thoughts

Overall, Kit Lender is a great company with great customer service. You can borrow your favorite outdoor apparel and equipment without any hassle. However, their collections are limited. We hope they will increase their collection in the future.


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