How To Make Firefox Never Saving Browsing History

How To Make Firefox Never Saving Browsing History

If we install any of the popular Internet browsers that we access on our computers, whether they are mobile or desktop, nowadays we see that in most cases, they are installed practically by themselves, so within seconds, we can navigate through the Internet no problem.

We later created a personal account. Our goal was to create bookmarks, manage them, and install the corresponding extensions that would help us use the program more effectively. As the number of sessions with the program increases, we find that it becomes more and more “intelligent”, since it remembers the passwords that we normally enter for the web platforms we access, offers suggestions for portals we’ve previously visited, etc.

These “knowledge” that browsers gain over time will greatly facilitate our use of them in the future and will improve our experience on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean it will always be the best thing to do. This is because the program facilitates all of these functions, but based on data collection, which can sometimes be very sensitive and personal, which could compromise our privacy if misused.

With this increasing amount of information being stored, we refer to data as dangerous as the passwords that we use on web platforms, or all the URLs of the sites that we have visited since we installed the browser in the first place, which can be a bit concerning.

Prevent Mozilla Firefox From Saving Your Browsing History When Moving Around The Internet

Therefore, when we install one of these current browsers, in addition to following the basic steps to get them running, we should also look at the customizable options it offers to customize its operation to our tastes.

For example, Mozilla’s proposal, Firefox, allows us to prevent the program from storing the web pages we go to automatically, or to prevent it from saving the so-called browsing history. When in the software as a whole, the first thing we do is access the “Options” of Firefox by clicking the button on the upper right corner of the window.

In the next step, we click on “Privacy & Security” in the menu on the left of the interface and then locate the “History” section. Then in the drop-down list that appears on the screen, we will have the option to indicate to the browser “Do not remember the history” from “Firefox will be able”, since, by default, the program keeps all this data. From that moment on, Firefox will no longer save the websites that we visit by themselves, which may be of interest to us on occasion.


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