How To Delete Old Tweets Within A Minute

How To Delete Old Tweets Within A Minute

If you’re wondering how to delete old tweets, you might want to delete your old tweets.

Well, it’s now possible to get rid of all old tweets within a minute, or even a specific month’s worth of tweets.

Time needed: 1 minutes.

Here are the steps you need to take to delete old tweets on your Twitter account

1. Visit

Visit and sign in through your Twitter account. If you are currently logged in it will ask for access. Just click on Authorize App.

2. Select the age

Select the age of tweets to delete. It will show your 8 different options: All my tweets, Tweets older than one week, Tweets older than two weeks, Tweets older than one month, Tweets older than two months, Tweets older than three months, Tweets older than six months, Tweets older than one year.

Also you can delete that containing specific words or phrases. Whenever you want to delete tweets containing specific words or phrases simply write them down.   

3. Select run this task

If you want to automatically delete your tweets after few days then select automatically every few days from Run this task. Otherwise, keep it once only.

4. Accept the terms

Give tick mark and I have read and agreed to the TweetDelete terms. I understand delete tweets can not be recovered. (Read the terms and conditions carefully if you have any concerns.)

5. Delete your old tweets

Click on Delete my tweets to delete your old tweets.

Note: Be sure you double-check every option before clicking the confirmation button.

It will inform you how many old tweets you have and the deletion progress. When it is completed it will show a summary of current delegations.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Learn: How to see what is trending on Twitter

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