How to Apply Makeup Step by Step for Beginners? – Latest Tips 2021

How to Apply Makeup Step by Step for Beginners? – Latest Tips 2021

How well do you know makeup application? Or How to Apply Makeup Step by Step for Beginners? Well, Makeup transforms your look and gives you amazing results. The only way to achieve this is to apply the makeup correctly. Have you ever seen someone with makeup and wished you would never wear it? For a beautiful finish, you should consider getting the right steps.

It’s not difficult to achieve a basic natural look. Only a few tips are needed to rock your look. Additionally, you can use hair waver irons when styling your hair. In addition, you need an electric nail drill to get nice nails. Since you are a beginner, it might seem complicated, but with practice it will become easier.

Steps To Consider When Applying Makeup

A hot towel cabinet is essential whether you are doing the makeup at home or professionally. Here are the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Do A Facial Cleanse Of The Face

You should always ensure that your look is clean. In order to remove impurities from your skin, you should wash your face properly. Cleanse or tone can be used.

It should be like a daily routine for your face. Use a cleanser that is suitable for your skin to avoid irritation. Squeeze a small amount of cleanser into your hands, then add some water to make it a little mousse-like. Apply it to your face by gently massaging it in. Finally, rinse it thoroughly and pat it dry with a clean towel.

You should consider the best routines for keeping your face healthy and fresh when washing it. It revitalizes the face and prevents the skin from drying out when done daily. No matter how good or bad your skin is, you should know how to wash it properly. Below are some of the essential steps to watch out for when washing and cleansing your face:

Wet your face with warm water

Warm water should be applied to the face. If you use hot or cold water, your skin may be damaged. Warm water, on the other hand, reacts perfectly with the skin.

  • Consider splashing water on your face or dipping a towel in water to moisten it. While patting it on your face, make circular movements.
  • By wetting the skin before applying the cleanser, the cleanser moves smoothly across your face. This will enable you to save on the cleaner since you will use less of it. Think about having a hot towel cabinet.

Apply your cleanser after washing your face well. There is no perfect cleanser for every look, but you can consider your preferences. Choose something that works well with your skin. Visit a beauty pharmacy for assistance if you can’t find the right cleaner.

  • Apply it in circular motions and choose one that suits your skin. Rub it for about a minute and ensure that every spot is cleaned.
  • Bathing soap should not be used as a cleanser. As compared to other parts of the body, the skin on the face is more delicate and sensitive. If you use a harsher soap to clean your face, you might cause irritation.
  • Additionally, if you are cleaning your face after a long day of makeup, use a natural makeup remover.

Next, rinse it. Finish cleansing your face by rinsing it thoroughly and drying it completely. Wash your face thoroughly after using a cleanser. Instead of rubbing your skin dry, pat it with a towel. Prevents wrinkles and irritations. Apply some toner to your face if you desire a smooth appearance.

It reduces the appearance of spots on your face. This step is optional, however. Toner can be applied or not. Consider the places where the spot appears enormous when applying it. Cotton and alcohol-free toner are recommended. You may also want to consider going natural. Lemon, for example, can be used as a toner.

Step 2: Apply moisturizer and primer to your face

Consider using a moisturizer that is not too oily for your face if you will be out in the sun. This prepares the skin to absorb makeup by moisturizing it. Additionally, it makes the dry parts wet. Nevertheless, if your skin is oily, try to find something that will make your skin dry enough.

Give the moisturizer 5 minutes before moving on to the next item. It keeps your skin looking young and healthy. Consider these tips when using moisture:

  • When you decide to wash your face overnight after a long day of makeup, do it correctly so that your skin will heal.
  • If you are going to be outside, use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen to protect your face from sun rays. 

Be sure that you are applying the right primer for your skin type when you apply the primer. When priming, there are some steps to consider.

Mix some primer into the foundation

Begin by applying a small amount of foundation to the back of your hand. Add some primer to the foundation to make a mixture. Additionally, it helps blend the primer well on your face. Primer can sometimes make your foundation look like it’s peeling when you use a lot of it.

Circular motions should be used

Apply it in a dot-like motion. Then massage it into the skin. Make sure you apply it to the center of your face. Ensure that it blends perfectly by moving in circular motions.

Blend it outwards so that it blends well. This ensures a smooth, flawless finish on your face. It is always important to mix the neckline and the hairline part so that it looks like the front.

  • Priming the eyelids is useful. It prepares the area for applying eye shadow. Makeup stays vibrant and beautiful for a long time with primers.
  • Use your ring and middle fingers to spread the primer evenly across your face. Makeup tools such as brushes can also be useful if you have them.
  • In order to keep the lipstick looking surprising and bold, you should prime the lip area.

Furthermore, you should understand your skin well. Before applying makeup, you should be able to know what type of primer you need. You should always use a primer that will correct dark spots and discolorations on your face.

  • However, it is not always necessary to use a colour corrector. Additionally, you can choose a primer that effectively cleanses the face.
  • Primer comes in different colours and is used for different purposes.

Let the primer dry for a few minutes

Give the primer some time to dry completely after you apply it. By doing so, the primer blends perfectly on your face and provides a flawless blemish. In addition, it creates a deep layer where the foundation will settle. You will end up using less foundation if you prime your face to cover dark spots.

Step 3: Shape your brows

Make sure you shape your eyebrows perfectly if you want to look good. Stages are optional, but crucial to consider. It takes a little patience and accuracy to develop the eyebrow area.

Whether you have thin or thick eyebrows, shaping them to a perfect shape is simple. Beginners might find it challenging to make the perfect shape. The following steps will help you shape your eyebrows.

  • Brush the hair well with an eyebrow hairbrush. It allows you to align the hair well for easy drawing.
  • Make perfect lines on both eyebrows. Make sure you make a good shape. With an eye-pencil, fill in the eyebrows. You can either use an eye pencil or an eye gel.

Furthermore, some people opt to go to a beautician to have their eyebrows done. If you have never shaved your brows, this is an excellent way to achieve the best eyebrow shape. After you have shaped your eyebrows, use a pro-concealer to fill in the bottom and upper line. It makes the shape stand out well. Here are some professional makeup brushes you might want to consider.

Step 4: Apply the foundation

Applying foundation to your face should be done with more care so that you do not overdo or underdo it. It is what determines how well or poorly your makeup will look.

Apply a small amount of foundation to the face. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wear heavy makeup. Make sure you use the right amount of foundation on your face. Apply a little on the face and dap as you add more and more until you feel that it has spread evenly and well across the face.

Consider dabbing it into your face as you apply it. Makeup sponges work well for this. Use a wet sponge to blend the foundation perfectly. Don’t forget to apply and mix it well on the nose, under the eyes, chin, neck area, and forehead.

If you are using a sponge, make sure to tap it into the skin. You should not rub or wipe it across your face. To blend the foundation well, you can also use a brush or your fingers.

Ensure that there are no lines of foundation left on your face after you have blended your foundation. On the face, it should blend smoothly. Confidence is enhanced. Your face will look so smooth and flawless that no one will notice you have applied foundation.

Step 5: Apply a minimal amount of concealer and setting powder

You should always do this after you have applied foundation. Conceal the face with a minimum amount of concealer. The foundation blends well on the face with it.

In most cases, it is an item you should always have on your makeup list. It does a good job of blemishing. Brush off any excess concealer with a blemish brush. Press firmly on the face.

When you are finished concealing your face, use a powder brush to add some powder to the face. Setting powder keeps the face as dry as possible. Make sure the surface is as clean as possible by brushing off the excess powder. Remember to tap off the excess powder before applying it when using this powder brush. You’ll get a fine layer of well-done makeup

 Here are some simple tips for day-to-day makeup. However, it is not a full tutorial. You should include the following components in your make up routine to achieve a full face of makeup:

Step 6: Consider the eye area

Apply some eye shadow and mascara to your eyelids and lashes. Consider eye massagers as a starting point. Beginners should use a neutral eye shadow. Make swipes across the lid to the eye bone with an eye shadow brush. Fill up the entire area. Tap the brush slowly to remove excess eye shadow. Consider a rolling makeup case if you travel frequently.

Make sure that the eye shadow does not extend beyond the eyelid. Set the eyelid with a translucent powder or a pro-concealer before applying eye shadow. 

On the eyes, you can also apply eyeliner. It is available in black and brown. Apply it to the rim of the upper eye and then apply it to the bottom as well. It is one of the areas that are difficult to apply. However, as a beginner, it is a good idea to experiment since it will build your confidence.

Apply mascara and brush your lashes. Place a lash curler on your lashes and press to curl them. Alternatively, you can brush them thoroughly before applying mascara if you have one.

Step 7: Consider the lip area

Choose what suits your lips well. Lip gloss or lipstick can be applied. Make sure you pucker your lips and dab on the lip colour evenly on both the upper and lower lip.

Make sure you prep your lips before applying anything to them. Vaseline works well on lips most of the time. In addition, it keeps the lips healthy, preventing cracks and chaffing.

Use a lip balm before applying lipstick. Apply a lipstick of your choice after letting it soak thoroughly. Putting on a lipstick is a great way to start your makeup routine for beginners

Step 8: For the cheeks

In these areas, you can use a highlighter or a blush. Ensure that you smile while doing this, so that it comes out well. Blend whatever product you are using towards your cheek temples.

To blend well with your makeup, you can use cream or translucent powder. Knowing the kind of shade that works best for you is crucial.

Step 9: Use a setting spray

After applying the makeup, use a setting spray to ensure that it stays on your face for as long as possible. Additionally, it has an elegant appearance.

A list of frequently asked questions and their answers

Q: Is it necessary to use foundation and concealer together?

It depends on what you want to achieve. Concealer and foundation work together to create a smooth, flawless finish. You can skip the concealing section of the makeup review if you have fewer spots. Despite this, a concealer can conceal many skin imperfections.

Q: How long does makeup last when applied?

It refers to the quality of the makeup you are using. Your skin’s oiliness is also a factor. The right makeup, however, can last up to 16 hours.

As a conclusion

Making up your first time can be a bit confusing, especially if you have no idea where to start. In this guide, you will learn how to apply a great makeup. If you use the wrong procedures, makeup can look pretty ugly. 

In addition, some makeup products need to be mixed with others to give you a seamless matte finish. In addition, you need to purchase the right shade of makeup for your skin tone. The ability to blend with your skin is improved. Before purchasing any product, please get more information about your tone. Make sure you get it right!

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