How To Activate Private Browsing Automatically

How To Activate Private Browsing Automatically


You want to surf the web without leaving traces in your browsing history or on your computer? Use an incognito window. You can use it occasionally or systematically, regardless of your browser.


Most popular web browsers – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, etc. – support exploring the Web in private mode. This so-called private browsing mode, also called incognito mode, is available on demand in one or more particular windows, from time to time, and automatically after a setting, which can be very useful.


In this article, I will explain How do I make private browser open automatically or Occasionally? Beware, that does not mean your browsing is anonymous.


What Is Private Browsing?


Private browsing does not save certain information: unlike classic browsing, the sites you visit do not appear in the browsing history, and cookies, temporary files, and other data (usernames, passwords, etc.) that you enter in forms are automatically deleted after use. The navigation leaves no traces in the browser or on the computer (or device you are using).


Private browsing, however, does not offer anonymity. Public IP addresses are always visible. Tracking is also possible through websites, local network administrators (businesses, schools, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). As soon as you identify yourself on an online service (messaging, social networking or otherwise), that service recognizes you!


Furthermore, as long as the window remains open, private browsing does not prevent tracking cookies from tracking you and identifying areas of interest in order to target advertising. These cookies will not remain after the private browsing window has been closed.


Likewise, private browsing does not protect you from spyware and malware lurking on your computer. Of course, if you bookmark a site during a private browsing session, it may save. Similarly, if you download a file, it will remain on your device.


Private browsing has the advantage of not leaving any visible traces on your computer. If you don’t want another user to see what sites you have visited or access your email using the information you entered, this can be useful.


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