How Long Can You Run A Generator Continuously? – Best Tips

Generators are amazing machines that provide power. How often do you experience blackouts? You might want to consider buying a generator if you find yourself in such a situation. Today’s generation would not be able to live without power.

The power we use every day covers our entire daily routines. Aside from that, this machine can provide a significant amount of energy. Furthermore, it is portable so you can use it even outdoors without a power supply. Among customers, the most common question is: How long can your generator run continuously? Or How long can you run a generator continuously? Let’s take a look!

The Following are some essential factors that determine how long can a generator run continuously

Answering this question is difficult, as it depends on several factors. In general, however, it depends on the type of generator you use and the type of fuel it uses. Take a look at the factors that affect the generator’s performance.

Standby Generator

This is the most common type of generator that cuts cost-effectively. It determines how long you will continuously run it. You should consider standby over portable if you plan to run it consistently for a couple of days. Because such standby machines have features such as motors that can withstand frequent use.

It also uses natural gas lines and can connect to a large tank. In most cases, the container can hold 500-1000 gallons. It can be used for about 500 hours. This means that you can use it continuously for about three weeks. The engine and some of the appliances will be damaged if you run it for an extended period of time.

Be careful with the time run limit of the generator. Purchasing a new generator or repairing the damaged one would require extra chargers.

A portable generator that runs on propane

Another significant factor determining how long it should run. It is probably a good idea to monitor and control the propane tank when using it. Portable generators tend to consume a lot of propane. To ensure that the generator does not go out, tracking the tank is a simple task. It has a very short run-time. 

You should connect two propane tanks to a single gas line if you want to extend its run time. You can then maximize the running time of the propane by minimizing its flow. The tanks can also be switched more easily. As a result, it becomes easy to handle and operate. With a sufficient supply of propane, the machine will run for a longer period.

How long will it last? You’re probably asking yourself this question right now. Since most of these kinds of generators require maintenance every 100 hours, they can run low after 150-200 hours of use. The only thing limiting it will be the amount of propane in the engine generator.

Most of these machines tend to shut down when they run out of oil. It is important to consider the amount of heat that builds up in the engine when it runs. It might just permanently damage it. An example of a propane-powered portable generator.

Generator That Uses Gasoline

It tends to limit the amount of water the generator uses. This is a portable diesel generator that emits fumes. It is dangerous to refill its tank while it is in use. Adding fuel can cause sparks, which can end in flames when you least expect it.

The term refers to generators that consume gasoline and have limited run times. Depending on the type of generator and the amount of power it can generate, it automatically shuts off when the gas runs out.

Small tanks can handle continuous use for up to 12 hours. Large tanks, however, can last for a few days. Furthermore, some generators, such as the Westinghouse WGen3600v, have a large reservoir that can last for up to 18 hours of continuous operation.

Check Out For The Type Of Generator

It is important to consider the type of generator you are using. Some machines take too long to run, while others do not. If you are using a portable generator, you should probably use unleaded gasoline. Its energy ratings are higher than those of other generators.

The result is a reduction in power supply. You won’t have power throughout your home, but it will power some appliances for a time. Furthermore, portable generators are not cost-cutting devices. Petroleum will be expensive to use.

Maintaining that might also be a problem. Running it will depend on how much petroleum you are willing to spend. The program can run for several hours or up to two days. You might just experience engine failure if you leave the machine running all the time. We recommend the WEN 56200i Super Quiet generator as one of the best portable generators.

This is the only portable generator with a long running time. What it produces is:

  • 2000 watts with 1600 hours of runtime
  • Three 120 volt outlets
  • The engine is a four-stroke 

Having such powerful features on a portable generator helps it to last longer. It allows it to run effectively for a long period of time. You can also find a high-performing 4000 watt generator.

Study of Its Running Time

It should not be continuously run as it may damage the engine. There are, however, various types of models. There are some that last up to 12 hours, while others last for eight hours. It needs rest too, just like humans.

You should never leave it running for weeks without a break. Some generators, however, can handle longer running times. In addition, the design of the generator affects the running time. Make sure to research design types that can withstand longer running times without wearing out.

On the other hand, we have models that are very expensive. They can run for hundreds of hours without failing. They have powerful features that enhance their performance.

Furthermore, this does not mean that its engine will not fail. Without proper maintenance, it will fail. It is essential to know how long you should leave your generator running continuously by checking its running time.

The Durability Of The Generator Should Be Checked

Does the power it can supply determine whether or not people will buy it? Has it ever occurred to you that some generators don’t last long? You should ask yourself if what you have can withstand continuous usage. In addition, you should consider that owning a generator is expensive.

Therefore, a perfect generator will serve you for a longer period of time without causing you any problems. The tough ones can last for longer periods of time. Maintaining these machines may not be easy. However, having one comes in handy during an emergency, so it is vital to own one. You can determine how long to run your machine based on one of these factors.

The Size Of The Generator

You may wonder how this affects the generator’s run time. It is a significant factor that you should take into account. You will typically have more run time if you choose to find a larger generator. You will get less power if you use a small generator as it features a small tank.

As the machine consumes gas quickly, it will have a shorter run-time period. In addition, a small generator is ideal if you intend to use the device for smaller tasks. Despite its short running time, it will complete a few jobs effectively.

The size of a generator depends on your needs and preferences. Consider buying a more massive tank machine if you wish to run the machine continuously for longer periods of time.

Why Is Generator Maintenance Important?

Avoids risks of fuel problems

Fuel tends to clog the engine sometimes. In the event that you do not maintain the generator, you might risk it permanently being damaged. It might lose its performance capabilities. Usually, if the fuel dirt clogs for a long time, it damages the engine. Moreover, if this continues for too long, your generator may end up being damaged. Therefore, you should prioritize maintenance at the top of your list.

It saves you time and money

If you do not maintain your generator, it may automatically stop working or become damaged. Although ignoring maintenance may save you some tasks for a short time, long-term ignorance will cost you. Repairs will be costly if support is not provided. You will waste a lot of time and money on it. Occasionally, you may have to replace the whole generator if the generator fails. Maintenance seems to be a huge undertaking. However, it is the best way to keep the generator running. Additionally, you can also use a portable inverter generator to save time and money.

It increases the durability of the generator

Generators are a huge investment, and you shouldn’t risk buying them more often. Maintaining it well will prevent you from becoming a victim. Regular maintenance keeps the generator running smoothly for longer periods. It increases the durability of the generator. Cleaning the generators, however, depends on your schedule. There is no formal schedule for maintenance days. In addition, you can always perform maintenance after continuously running the generator. Enhancing its functionality and effectiveness increases its lifespan.

It improves its efficiency

In order to run your generator continuously, it must be as efficient as possible. Power is supplied at a faster rate without any problems. However, you should always maintain it to keep it operating at its best. A regular schedule will help you keep the generator in place for a long time. You will save money as a result of such works since the generator works effectively.

Keeps track of the working conditions of the generator

Maintenance should always be at the top of your list. This allows the machine to be ready to be used when you need it. This is what everyone expects. It is always a good idea to turn on your generator as soon as the power goes out. Well, what if you find out it has problems? You might just get stranded or stressed. Nevertheless, maintenance is necessary. A regular checkup keeps everything in order.

What Are The Benefits Of A Generator?

  • As a back-up, it ensures uninterrupted power supply. During power outages, it is handy to continue supplying power.
  • In case of a power outage, it keeps you comfortable and safe
  • You can protect your home from dangerous voltage fluctuations with a generator. When it returns, it gives space for power
  • Natural disasters can be safely managed with it
  • In an emergency, the device can also give you peace of mind. During blackouts, you could complete your tasks more quickly if the lights were on. Additionally, you can still run your appliances, such as the television

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should a portable generator last?

Answer: It depends on how big the tank is and how much power it can supply. If you get a 5,000-watt generator, for instance, you will use about 18 gallons of gas every day. This makes it extremely expensive to maintain and use. You can, however, consider other options of generators that will work well in your home.

Several unique, efficient generators are available on the market. Consider a generator that uses one or two gallons of oil and can run for up to 10 hours at a time.

Q: Can a generator run on an empty gas tank?

Some of the generators will automatically shut off when their gas tanks run low. It probably cannot generate power without gas in the tank.

 In addition, if you run your generator on limited gas, you will risk damaging the machine. It can also damage appliances attached to the generator. 

By running the device on an empty gas, the coils will lose magnetism, reducing its effectiveness. Be sure that the tank has enough gas to run the device continuously.

Q: Are dual fuel generators ideal for use?

Most people will prefer dual-fuel generators due to their unique features. The most significant benefit is that it is easy to use and accessible. Remember that every generator has its good and bad sides, and one outweighs the other.

Likewise, this has its disadvantages. In addition, this type of device uses propane. Propane gas tanks should be handled carefully. If procedures are ignored, fumes tend to form. In addition, it is cheaper and cleaner than other oil options.

Q: Can you refill gas if the generator is running?

It is dangerous to refuel the generator while it is running, as it is with any combustion. Under precautions, you should always refill the gas. Before you start the engine, make sure you have enough gas. Most generator owners do not take this into account. 

Also, you should always clean and fuel the machine in an open area. Working indoors is never a good idea. Carbon monoxide is released by its engine. If inhaled, it is a hazardous substance.


According to the factors mentioned above, the question of how long you should run the generator continuously may be difficult to answer. There are a number of reliable factors involved. Check out some factors and determine how long the machine should run. A significant amount of power is provided by these machines by burning a lot of fuel.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to give the machine a rest after constant use. The device can be maintained during this time. It is not suitable for durability, but you can run it mostly.

Generators also power your home when there is no electricity. You should consider the backup option since so many activities rely on power. In spite of this, they are machines that require sacrifice, as they tend to be expensive. Investing in generators is necessary.

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