The 7 Best Bulk Email Verifier (99% Accuracy) Remove Bounce Email

The 7 Best Bulk Email Verifier (99% Accuracy) Remove Bounce Email

Maybe you’re involved in email marketing, and you have a lot of data. However, most of them bounce and your account gets restricted or banned. We’re looking for a bulk email verifier or a way to verify bulk email addresses from an Excel or CSV file.


The majority of email marketing tools allow bounce rates of up to 10 percent. However, if a third party marketing software identifies too many bounced emails, then you may be suspended.

I feel your pain, brother/sister. When I worked with Constant Contact, they suspended my account for the same reason.


If you want to get rid of it, you can use free bulk email verifier software or email verifier to check for hard and soft bounced emails from your email list.


Hi, this is Davidson. Today in this article I am going to introduce you to the 7 best bulk email verifiers or email verification software for removing bounced or spam emails. With these tools, you can easily remove bounce emails from Excel, Google spreadsheets, and other productivity tools.


1. TrueMail: Powerful Bulk Email Verifier


One of the powerful tools for removing bounces, spam, and wrong emails from a bulk email list is TrueMail. In their claim, the email verifier tool can increase the delivery rate up to 99% by cleaning the mailing list.


It works with large Excel files, Google spreadsheets, and newsletters. Integration with the most popular email marketing software and productivity tools is easy. You can connect with ActiveCampaign, Office 365, MailerLit, Mailgun, GetResponse, SendGrid, SendPlus, Campaign Monitor, Drip, Constant Contact, AWeber, MailChimp, SparkPost, HubSpot, Sendloop, Platfromly, LeadOutcome, Coupon Carrier, Leftnic, Pabbly Connect, Rbenrandly, Salesforce, Moskit, Email By Zapier, VerticalResponse, Instagram, BirdEye, Formatter By Zapier, Hive, Wufoo, Beanstalk, Facebook, and more.


However, the price and plans are higher than those of other email checkers. TrueMail offers 10 different price plans. A basic plan starts at 7 dollars and lets you verify up to 1000 emails.  Pricing is $7, $29 for 5000 data, $44 for 10000 contacts, $99 for 25000, $179 for 50000, $299 for 10000 contacts, $549 for 200000, $1099 for 500,000, $1499 for 1 million, $2499 for 2 million.


2. Snovio


Another great bulk email verification tool is Snovio. With this bulk email verifier tool, you can easily locate, track, and verify the list. Leads can also be collected based on your targeted keywords. More than 2000 sales and marketing tools can be integrated.


Let’s talk about pricing. Snovio offers five different plans and prices. Snovio charges 33 dollars for verifying 5000 e-mails a month and providing 1000 credits. Credits can be used to search emails from domains, verify emails from social media sites. The other plans are $66 for 10k emails, 141 for 30k, 241 for 50k contacts, and 482 for 100k contacts. These plans include unlimited email per day, follow-ups, custom tracking, and bulk search features. You can download or export your data in CVS, XLSX, Google Sheets, PipeDrive, and Zapier.


3. EmailAble


Another great tool for bulk email verification is EmailAble. You can connect this tool with dozens of popular productivity and sales tools. With EmailAble, you can verify 1000 records in 2 to 5 minutes. It will take between 30 and 40 minutes to process the large file. Therefore, I will say it is very fast.


EmailAble offers credit-based pricing plans. Starting at 20 dollars, the lowest plan is available. You can choose to pay monthly or pay as you go. You can cancel at any time if you don’t like the monthly plan. That’s great. Additionally, EmailAble offers a free trial. Up to 250 contacts can be checked for free. There are eight popular payment options (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB Diners Club Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay).


4. Never Bounce: Best For Pay As You Go


If you don’t like monthly plans but want to pay as you go. If so, Never Bounce might be a good choice for you. Their plans are all reasonably priced. However, they also offer bulk email verification. You can integrate this tool with a variety of popular productivity tools.


With the Never Bounce email verifier tool, you can easily remove bounced emails from an email list. Pay-as-you-go customers have to pay a minimum of $0.003 and a maximum of $0.008 for single mail verification. However, if you have more data, you can contact them and negotiate the price. Never Bounce offers 8 different plans for bulk email verification. Basic plans start at 10 dollars, and you can verify up to 1000 records. There are also plans for $49 for 10000, $99 for 50,000, $159 for 100,000, $249 for 250,000, $499 for 500000, and $999 for 1 million. You should, however, contact them for a custom price plan if you have more than one million data.


5. Million Verifier: Cheapest Bulk Email Verifier


I can tell you what is the cheapest bulk email verifier. Then my answer would be Million Verifier. You can verify 1 million contacts for only 299 dollars. Only the verified email will be charged. This means you don’t have to pay for any unknown mail.


Million Verifier has 99% accuracy in verification. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee on this bulk email address verifying service. To complete your task, you don’t need to download or install any software. According to the company, they work with more than 70 thousand businesses worldwide.


6. ZeroBounce


This is another leading bulk email address verification software. ZeroBounce offers a 98% accuracy guarantee. The software has amazing features like gender identification, spam trap detection, and more. If you want to keep your email list bounce-free, ZeroBounce could be a great option.


EmailAble offers a similar price plan. Pay-as-you-go and monthly fixed pricing plans are available. The ZeroBounce customer service team is available 24 hours a day, and all ZeroBounce accounts include 18 validation tools, multiple API keys, and more. Basic pay as you go plans start at $16 and you can verify up to 2000 emails. Other than these 7 different prices and plans are available here. You don’t have to pay anything until you upgrade your account.


7. EmailListVerify: Best For Low Budget


Another top-rated bulk email address verifying software is EmailListVerify. EmailListVerify has an accuracy rate of 98%. Additionally, they offer APIs for email verification.

EmailListVerify offers 12 different pricing and plan options. You can choose to pay as you go or on a monthly basis.  Starting at $4, the basic plan is the cheapest. You can verify 1000 data points. If you have a small budget and need to verify fewer contacts, you can check out EmailListVerify. EmailListVerify allows you to verify bulk email lists directly in the tools you use to send newsletters or mail notifications. Additionally, it supports most of the popular marketing software.


Another Bulk Email Verifier


If you don’t think the list we mentioned above fits your needs, then you can check out My Email Verifier, DataValidation, Bouncer, Clearout, Husly, Zoominfo, and Emailable. These bulk email verification tools also have a good reputation and positive reviews.


Advantages of using a bulk email verifier


In the lead generation industry or if you want to increase your sales through email marketing, you must use email verification software. Below are some benefits of using bulk email verification software:


1. Increase delivery rate


Email marketing software will encounter many problems if your data is incorrect or if you have a lot of incorrect contacts. Your account will be suspended.


2. No hard or soft bounce


Your email marketing account may be suspended if your bounce rate exceeds 10%. A bulk email verifier will prevent hard or soft bounces.


3. Save money


Email marketing software usually charges based on the amount of data you upload. It is also very expensive. It will charge more and deliver less if you upload wrong or dead data.


4. Protect Domain Reputation


Spam and hard bounces damage your domain’s reputation, as we mentioned. Email verifiers have the main benefit of protecting the reputation of your domain.


5. Update data


The owner might change the business or the domain may not be active, or the person may change email service providers. Your email list is kept up-to-date by using an email verifier.


How Does A Bulk Email Verifier Perform?


A verification tool verifies your data in three steps.


1. Syntax Check

They check the syntax of the email address and make sure it is spelled correctly, does not include spaces, commas, and includes (@). Lastly, the domain extensions are in the right place.


2. Domain Check

Every email has a domain. Bulk email verifiers verify that the email address belongs to the correct domain. If it is not hosted, the verification software market is wrong, or the email bounces.


3. Ping

The last step is to send an email ping. It is the last step in the verification process. This is a technical process. Verifier tools or services ping the exact email address with an EHLO message after completing the steps we mentioned above. It should wait for the mail server’s response.


As a conclusion

If you are in the lead generation industry or want to grow your sales using email marketing, now is the time to choose a reliable email verifier tool. Feel free to ask me any questions.


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