The Best Beard Shaping Tools- Make the Perfect Beard Lines

The Best Beard Shaping Tools- Make the Perfect Beard Lines


The growth of a beard takes between two days or two months based on your genetics.


It doesn’t matter how long it takes for your manly mane to sprout, all those who love facial hair know that an uneven chop can ruin a great beard, goatee, or mustache.


When it’s time to trim your beard, you should check out best beard shaping tools.


Best beard shaping tools range in size and shape are designed to act as a guide when shaving and trimming.


As the tools are pressed against the face or the actual beard, they provide a straight or curved outline that eliminates the guesswork that you’d otherwise have to do when holding scissors or a razor.


In addition to best beard shaping tools, hair line tools are also often useful when trimming your own hair or changing up the style between barbershop visits.


(If you’ve ever noticed your barber or hairstylist pressing their combs against your beard or hair, that’s exactly what they’re doing.)


You can protect your sideburns, ears, lips, and your beard by using a best beard shaping tool. Once you see your handsome mug for the first time, you won’t regret it.


1. Beard Black Beard Shaping Tool


One of the best examples of a beard shaping tool is the Beard Black Beard Shaping Tool. You get two combs and two different beard guides in one tool. Use a flat line if you want straighter lines. Use the curved side if you want a curved beard line.


As with all beard shaping tools, there will be a learning curve to get symmetry on both sides of your face. But if there is a line higher on one side of the beard than the other, you can use the tool again to take a little off until the two sides are more symmetrical.

As far as beard shaping tools go, the Beard Black tool will be simple enough for most guys looking for quick and easy results.


2. Megan Beard Shaping Tool


For a more advanced beard shaping tool, we recommend Megan Beard Shaping Tool. The Megan beard shaping tool will be ideal for the guy who is actually trying to avoid going to the barber.


Rather than just one or two lines that only work in limited ways, this beard template creates a wide variety of lines on your face. We have a forehead line, a curve cut, a neck line, a mustache line, a goatee line, a straight cut line, a step cut line, and a mini comb to boot.


The beard shaping tool is a little flimsy, but it’s a piece of plastic meant for brief hands-on use, so it’s not like it needs to be made of stainless steel.


Although we recommend buying these things individually, if you’re feeling really cheap or you’re open-minded about shaving tools, this beard shaping tool also comes with a pack of double-edge blades, a straight razor, and trimming scissors.


3. Aberlite FlexShaper Neckline Guide


In terms of beard shaping tools, the Aberlite FlexShaper Neckline Guide has two great things going for it. First, the V-shaped tool is designed only for perfect neck lines. Although it is not very versatile, it is excellent for quick neckline touch-ups. Secondly, it’s hands-free. Strap the tool around your head and under your neck, adjust it to deliver the lines you desire, and then shave. Because it’s plastic, it’s flexible and sturdy, so it won’t be uncomfortable and will last as long as you need it.


4. Grow Alpha Beard Beard Shaping Tool Kit


Growing Alpha Beard’s Beard Shaping Tool Kit is extremely simple to use. With two curved cut edges and a step cut edge, it’s simple to hold the straight edge to line up the curved edges on either side of your face, leaving you only with a quick drag of the razor between you and flawless lines. 


Sure, it’s a bit less versatile than other beard shaping tools, but it’s pretty cheap and pretty durable for its price, too, and we think you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use right out of the box. You can also use the included pencil liner if you have difficulty following your desired lines, and the included comb will help you get your hair organized before trimming.


5. Aberlite ClearShaper


We return to Aberlite for their unique take on a hard plastic beard shaping tool. For example, the Aberlite ClearShaper allows you to shape your beard in eight different ways: gentle curve cut, deep curve cut, curved step cut, straight step cut, curved edge and straight edge for goatees, curved edge and straight edge for your neckline. The transparent plastic also makes it easier to see the lines.


There is definitely a learning curve with this tool, but we think you’ll be able to figure it out if you play with it a bit before shaving. You won’t have to worry about stray edges on your cheeks, beard, neck, or mustache.


6. Beardoholic Beard Shaping Tool


Beardoholic Beard Shaping Tool has many positive features. Besides being able to be used for nine different kinds of lines, it’s transparent for easy line following and comes with a beard stencil and trimming scissors. Also, it has a little hole for hanging storage if you have small hooks near your bathroom sink, which is a feature that should be in any beard shaping tool.


7. Cut Buddy Plus


In theory, any of these beard shaping tools could be used for hairlines, but it’s best to use one that’s designed specifically for beards and hairlines. It has nice long curves, so you can use it on cheeks, neck lines, and even your upper hairline where the hair meets your forehead.


We also like the Cut Buddy Plus because it comes from a small Black-owned company that only made it big after appearing on CNBC’s “Shark Tank.”


8. Kuuans Goatee Shaving Beard Shaping Tool Set


For a beard-shaving tool designed specifically for goatees, we recommend Kuuans Goatee Shaving Beard Shaping Tool Set. Five different goatee beard shapers are included, so you can achieve the perfect goatee size and contours. You can have a perfect, fresh goatee in minutes by holding the little handle to your face and trimming around the edges with a trimmer or razor.

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