The 9 Bald Head Shavers Make Losing Your Locks Quick and Easy

The 9 Bald Head Shavers Make Losing Your Locks Quick and Easy

Bald Head Shavers : Balding is a common concern for many men, but their concerns can  alleviate if they look at actors such as Dwayne Johnson, Stanley Tucci, and Bruce Willis. If you compare their current shiny domes to their formerly full do’s, you’ll notice that they are much better looking today.

Rocking the full bald may seem easy – no more combs! Forget shampoo! Forget haircuts! It’s not quite that simple. The best drugstore sunscreen is a must, and you have to prevent your hair from growing back in an awkward manner in order to maintain the bald appearance. While you could use one of the best razors, bald head shavers are a much more effective way to cover the large surface area of your head.

The best bald head shavers look quite a bit like the rotary shaver you would use on your face – usually there are three, four, or five spinning heads attached to a flexible mount that conforms to your head shape. The key difference is blade size, the best bald head shavers have larger blades to more efficiently work the larger area and shape of your head. A good bald head shaver will also have a top grip instead of a handle, which will make it easier for you to work at awkward angles.

A celebrity barber and member of the Gillette Barber Council, Faheem Alexander, says trimming long hair is one of the most important things to do before using the best bald head shavers. As bald head shaver design for closer shaves than your average buzzer, they won’t cut longer hair. If you keep that in mind, you can get the shave of your dreams with the best bald head shavers.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best bald head shavers you can buy to maintain a suave bald look.



1. Hammacher Schlemmer The Ergonomic Head Shaver


Hammacher Schlemmer’s head shaver has four rotary heads with a set of blades in the middle, which means there are five total blades. It is easier to move around the contours of your head when shaving. The small handle makes it easier to maneuver the shaver. There are several attachments included, such as an exfoliator, sideburn shaver, and nose hair trimmer. Is there any doubt that this baby is the best bald head shaver we’ve ever seen? We’re going to say it honestly: yes, it is. Here’s what you should be using if you want to shave your head effortlessly and smoothly.


2. Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO Electric Razor


One of the most popular shaver options is Skull Shaver’s sleek shaver, and Skull Shaver is the brand that popularized head shavers. A comfortable ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold for a close shave. When you move the shaver across your head, the flexible heads flex.


3. AsaVea Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit


There are four rotary blades on this shaver with one blade in the middle, making a total of five blades. As an all-in-one grooming kit, it includes a shaver, a facial brush, a trimmer, and a nose hair trimmer. You can open the shaver to get a deeper clean. With a lithium battery that runs for 45 minutes, the shaver can recharge in four hours.


4. Teamyo Head Shaver


Shave your head in the shower? No problem with the Teamyo head shaver. This fully waterproof head shaver can soak in water for up to 30 minutes total and still work well, so you can easily shave your head while in the bath or shower. In total, the shaver lasts 90 minutes for a cord-free shave, so if you use it for three to five minutes every day, you can use it continuously for 18 to 30 days before having to recharge.


5. Braun Electric Razor


Some of the best head razors have a tendency to change their hold quite a bit. That’s for sure, it’s not the buzzer your average barber uses. This is great for some, but for others, the classic, elongated barber buzzer is all you need. In that category, this is the best bald head shaver. It is a buzzer that provides a smooth shave each and every time, and it works just as well on your head as it does on your face. Think of it as a double clean-up. You can use it wet or dry and it has a 20% longer battery life than before.


6. Andis 17150 Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver


During our conversation with Madison Dufour, a licensed and practicing barber, cosmetologist, and owner of the hair blog The Exquisite Find, we learned about their favorite bald head shavers. “In my professional opinion and experience, Andis is my preferred brand. Dufour uses clippers and foil to cut buzzes on bald heads. You are probably familiar with clippers and trimmers, but many people do not know about the Andis Foil. “A foil shaver can shave the 5 o’clock shadow stubble down to baby skin smooth.” Barbers also use this shaver to get a close fade.

7. AidallsWellup 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver

For all of your hair trimming needs, consider the AidallsWellup 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver. This shaver not only leaves your head looking like a crystal ball, but it can also trim and maintain beards, nose hairs, and any other shaving needs you might have. It has a 6D floating shave system that can cut both long and short hairs. Are you worried about cleaning it? This baby is waterproof.


8. Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro Electric Head


This electric shaver from Skull Shaver replaces the plastic handle with metal, creating a stylish, all-metal electric shaver. It also comes with a replacement head. You can switch between the two rotary heads depending on which is most comfortable for you.


9. Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit


This option from Remington is a good choice if you prefer a clipper set to a rotary shaver. A small grip makes it easier to hold while your hand is behind your head. The entire unit is washable. Multiple clippers are included to suit different lengths and the blade contours to the head shape.


Hammacher Schlemmer The Barber Eliminator


If you’re looking for a close shave, instead of going fully bald, this unique shaver has a unique round blade housed in a protective plastic sheath. The round shape of the shaver makes it easier to grab. Scissors, a comb and other shaving accessories are included.


Harry’s Truman Set


Despite being messy and time-consuming, some of the best shavers for bald heads are the same razors you use on your face. Tyler Schoeber, our e-commerce editor, only uses Harry’s Truman razors to shave his head. “I know a lot of people these days are into those fancy electric shavers, but I haven’t found one that provides a shave as close to Harry’s.”

Everything you need for the cleanest of clean shaves is included in the Truman Set. You’ll receive a weighted rubberized handle, three German-engineered blade cartridges, Foaming Shave Gel and a travel pouch. Harry’s specifically states that their blades are designed for facial shaving and not for head shaving, but in this case, we are breaking the rules. We apologize.

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